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“Herbstzeitlose” (2017) Ink and Watercolour on paper (21.0 x 29.7cm)


Hello everyone,

I have just collected my copy of “Myth/Reality” by Imago Mundi, featuring a large collection of contemporary Scottish Artists, including one of my pieces “Genesis”, which was selected for this book. It is beautifully put together and available from the Fabrica Store.

There are new projects in the works for my next series of Triptychs and images on wooden panels (with some of these also making an appearance on nice, heavy paper).

I have also recently started creating miniature dioramas which I enjoyed very much and have proved to be very popular. I am now planning to make some more of these but also incorporate more complex designs on a slightly larger scale. The current series of dioramas are around 12 x 12 cm in size with the inside lid also containing a beautiful, short poem by Kirsty. I think, I will start incorporating this idea into future exhibitions and if anyone is interested in buying a little box, please contact me on cmarksventers@gmail.com

Plague Doctor









Some of you may have wondered what happened to Isa Raichenhall and her friends in Shendag Bertec. After a short detour, Kirsty and I are planning to return to this much loved project, which has somewhat grown in size and ambition. A compendium, in the shape of an Encyclopedia (which I had always wanted to do) as well as the book(s) will continue to be worked on and it should be very exciting. You can see a selection of images from my sketchbook here.

Finally, the Jurassic twosome that are Pet and Trex have also not been forgotten. This year will see advances in the colouring process and final editing of the images I already completed last year.

Keep checking in for any updates. You can also follow my progress on Instagram and Facebook.

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