Trex is a friendly T-Rex who loves a fine cup of tea and a batch of delicious bone biscuits. But most of all, he loves his little dino-dog called Pet. 

Pet wants to go for a walk and chases a big beetle out of the garden into the big wide Jurassic world. She runs through the forest, grassland, volcanic scenery, past a herd of Brontos and down to the seaside. On the way, she encounters all manner of exotic creatures. 

Always excited and never frightened, she is completely unaware of the potential dangers facing her.


Trex, who is chasing after Pet, is all too aware of the dangers and is subject to all kinds of frightening flying things, lava rains and stamping Brontosaurus feet, as he tries to catch up with his little friend.

This picture book is one of the most fun and exciting projects I am currently working on.

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? I certainly do, espcially, if they are as adorable as these two little critters. I have been having an absolute riot exploring the creatures of the Jurassic period including, Pterodactyls, insects, sea creatures, and Brontosaurus. Each image gives me the chance to draw so many  exciting things.

The story offers humour, warmth, awesome sights, a bit of peril and a happy ending.

I have sketched out the entire story which I hope does justice to the wonderful text written by Kirsty

Keep checking in  for future updates  on Trex and Pet – they always love to share their news over a cup of tea and a biscuit.

A few sketches of Jurassic Marine creatures